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Dear customers,

It is with the sad feeling that we have informed you that FLAVOUR TRADER is closing definitely in Yellowknife.


Thank you for your support along the way. Was such a pleasure to had you all as a guest at the restaurant or during an event. I am going back to Québec after 10 years of amazing moments. I am going to continue my life mission to learn to grow organic veggies on my own land, one day, in Québec close to my family.


Thank you for everything, this journey was quite an adventure and I have grown so much and will never be enough gratefully for all of you who made me stronger. 

I wish you the best of luck in the North and it is not a goodbye, I will be back in November.

Yellowknife, I will miss you. 

                                                                  Stay safe!

                                                                  Chef Etienne


Meet the Chef/Owner

Etienne Croteau

Travel is the main focus. 'Flavour Trader' is for food lovers who wish to reveal their culinary sense and are impassioned by travel, culture and a country's anthropologic roots. Visit exotic countries through authentic flavours and aromas in all their traditional senses and beyond.


Adventures do not stop there!

How about discovering rare spices through dynamic cooking classes? Expand the boundaries of your senses and explore
flavours with new spice combinations and taste what makes a culture's food special.


Thinking about a carefree chef-at-home or outstanding full-service catering? Enjoy your invited guests as you would on a night out – no dishes or food prep to do – regardless of event size! Our crew leaves only the delicate, lingering aromas of the country you chose to visit with your friends.


Let your Taste Journey begin!


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If food is art, Flavour Trader has the right mix to make beautiful food. The beef chilli with black bean salsa and salsa verde was food worth buying (like better than you can make at home). Life can be short, so make the most of your lunch hour, check out Flavour Trader!

Dan Wong


I'm from Vancouver, and attended a work conference in Yellowknife just last week. Flavour Traders catered the food for the two day conference. I'm a real foodie and I was so impressed with the food. Everyone at the conference was talking about how delicious the breakfast and lunches were. It's just too bad that he's located so far away from Vancouver!

Louise Kim


Flavour Trader catered our private party for our new building grand opening and it was FABULOUS. the food was delicate and delicious; the guests were all very impressed. The professionalism was top notch, and Etienne was a joy to deal with during booking, planning, and at the event. I cannot say enough. I recommend Flavour Trader wholeheartedly.

Caitlin Lacey


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Poulet au miel route de la soie
Pork and morilles stew, hunter mix spices
Moroccan Chicken Tagine
Herb and lemon grec pork, braised celri gorgonszola
Green Thai curry, shrimp and pork and veggies
beef curry madras spices
Beefchili, black bean and cilentro chutney
Decadant cottage pie, creamy scallop morels potatoes, beef, mushroom gravy and quebec trad
Tostada mexican
Smocked artic char lasagna
Tagine Facebook
Satay chicken
Riz Biryani, mint sauce, braised fennel and opo sweet chilli and anis star