As you all know, Flavour Trader as to close his door du of a descision from the GNWT to close the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center to the public to keep us safe. We totaly agreed with this descision.


That was hard for all the team, 8 of us as many in the Nord lost their job for an undeterminated time. For small businnesses, not much is offer right now, just loan for admisible businnesses. As you know, restaurants are not really in the target of the bank as good investissement. 


We ask you to help us to be back on track faster when will arrive the time. You can by a gift card or two as a front payment for a next meal, a discount on a cooking class or a event that you will organise at the Museum or at home or as a donation.


Thank you very much for your support and let be safe with our loved one.



A gift card to help us