Originating in South America and Central America, this dried fruit adds a spicy (or not) effect and a tasty flavor to any preparation. There is the scale of Scoville to determine the strength of a pepper and its the capsaicin who give this hot effect to the chili. The pips contain capsaicin in greater quantity. A great selection is waiting for you at Flavour Trader.


These small berries are dried and give a more fruity flavor to your dishes and specific aromas. Ex: Juniper berry, sweet with a conifer and wood flavor.


A berry from the piperaceae family, containing piperine which confers it a hot effect in the mouth. Pepper is usually red when the fruit is fresh and ripe. When drying, the berry will take a darker color. There is a different process to find several variants of this most popular spice in the world. Come and see the beautiful selection of pepper that we propose.


 the legume family, they are very aromatic. Ex: Fenugreek


These spices essentially come from specific tree bark which is removed and dried. These spices have a very pronounced aroma and sometimes a pungent taste. Ex: Cinnamon, Cassia

Pit or almond's fruit

These spices come from fruit pits and are dried. These fruit almonds can be crushed or grated with a microplane. They are often used in desserts but also in salty dishes. Ex: Nutmeg, Tonka bean, Sapote


Originating from floral buds, these spices have an intense aromatic value. They must be used with moderation. Even some kinds of bud spices can create an effect in the mouth. Ex: Clove, rose bud


These spices have a great variety and come from the seeds following the pollination of flower etc. An impressive variety awaits you at Flavour Trader.
Ex: Coriander, cumin, caraway, fennel etc ...


Aromatic herbs are used extensively around the Mediterranean where they have been popularized. Their taste is bitter, their aroma herbaceous and their perfume so varied that they leave so many different flavors: aniseed taste, mint & camphor taste, lemon etc.
Ex: Lemon Thyme, Oregano, Sage


Mace is the best example. It is a membrane that covers the shell of the nutmeg.


These pods have an intence aroma. They provide exaltante flavour to a dish, a kind of addictive taste that you will never get  rid of.

Ex: Cardamom, Vanilla

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We can benefit a lot from the roots. In Ayurveda medicine, the active molecules of some roots have important healing properties. Their flavour and strengths vary according to species.

Ex: Tumeric, ginger

Mixed spices

The most popular section of the shop, our selection of spice blends instantly makes you travel into the family homes of the countless culinary cultures of our vast world. Come smell more than 20 different mixes! For you to explore!